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All contract negotiations performed by VSG are led by a senior member of our staff with an average of over twenty (20) years of telecom carrier contract negotiations experience. Each client engagement is supported by experienced telecommunications analysts providing valuable and industry-leading reports, analysis and evaluation tools. VSG network design professionals play an important role in providing assistance pre, during and post sourcing engagements involving MPLS to SD WAN transition, hybrid networks, VoIP deployment, SIP trunking or other network architecture design and analysis considerations.

VSG consultants have saved their clients over $600M in network services life of contract expenses and over $2B in lifetime cumulative expenses. History has proven an experienced consultant-led team will obtain 15% to 20% more cost savings than clients may hope to achieve without professional third-party support.

Past contract negotiations engagements led by VSG senior negotiators with major corporations produced the following results:

  • 53% annual savings on voice and conferencing services
  • 58% or $11M savings over the life of a three-year contract
  • 42% annual savings for voice/data and internet services
  • $5M (24.2%) savings retaining the incumbent provider with no competition
  • $1.4M (60.8%) savings retaining the incumbent provider with competition

VSG consultants have participated in or spoken at numerous sourcing events, including the Sourcing Interest Group (SIG) and Society of Telecommunications Consultants (STC) and have authored several white papers including “Telecommunications Contract Negotiation is Not Rocket Science – It is Far More Complex!”

Parke Congleton Parke Congleton
Owner, Value Sourcing Group, LLC

Mr. Congleton is the owner of Value Sourcing Group who has more than 45 years of IT and telecommunications experience, including over 25 years of telecom contract negotiations work. He has been involved in all aspects of telecommunications sourcing, sales, and support and has developed key relationships with numerous global clients.

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